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Salon Etiquette

To ensure everyone has pleasant experience when visiting the salon I politely ask that the following is observed:

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment as this then enables me to offer the appointment out to other clients. Failure to do so will result in a £10 late cancellation fee being charged per service booked. I also reserve the right to take full payment upfront for your next appointment at the time of booking, this would be non refundable and non transferable. Likewise if you miss an appointment all together/are a 'no show' (without cancelling in advance) I reserve the right to take full payment for your next service plus the £10 fee for the missed appointment when re-booking it, this will also be non refundable and non transferable. This is to help cover my loss of income and protect my future income. 

Please note I take salon hygiene and cleanliness as top priority therefor I ask that you rearrange your appointment if you or anyone in your immediate family/household has suffered a contagious illness or sickness bug. Please ensure everyone has been clear for at least the last 48 hours prior to your appointment to prevent the spread of illness.

I will not preform any service where fungal infection is present. I also reserve the right to refuse treatment if I believe there are any other contraindications to your booked treatment. This is to protect myself as well preventing the potential spread of infections.

Please be courteous and keep to your booked appointment time. If you are more than 10 minutes late I may have to reschedule your appointment to prevent me running late for my remaining clients that day.

Please note my price list will be revised annually and I will give at least 30 notice prior to any changes coming in to effect.

Finally....If you have an idea of what you'd like done at your next service, that's great - in fact it's really helpful! Please feel free to send me photos in advance so I can gauge how long your appointment will take and get some additional ideas together for you.

Mani Pedi
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