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Aftercare Advice


CND products are hard wearing, but are not indestructible. To maintain and prolong your beautiful nails and to help avoid any chips or lifts simply observe the following advice:  


Use 'Solar Oil' twice daily, this will substantially prolong the life of your manicure/pedicure and keep your natural nails and the skin surrounding them healthy, moisturised and flexible. Apply 'Solar Oil' around the 'cuticle area' and under the free edge of the nail and massage over the entire nail plate. I stock and retail both mini and larger bottles and also offer an eco friendly refill option.

When gardening or using cleaning products always wear gloves to protect your manicure and your nails. Some chemicals are strong enough to penetrate the polish and could potentially spoil or weaken it causing it to lift or peel.

Certain suncreams, oils and insect repellents contain DEET which can affect the colour coat of your polish as can products containing fake tan. Remember to wash your hands with soap and water immediately after the application of any of the above. 

Avoid submerging your nails in water for long periods of time (this includes baths and even saunas and steam rooms as the air is so moist.) Natural nails are porous and will start to absorb water after around 60 seconds. This will cause your nail plates to expand with the additional moisture and shrink down again once they dehydrate again, this minor change in the shape and size of your nail plate can cause your nail coating to start to lift away from your nails.

If you swim apply a generous amount of 'Solar Oil' prior to entering the pool to help prevent the water and chemicals from effecting your beautiful new manicured nails.

Never pick or peel the polish off your nails as this will weaken them. It can cause long term damage to your nails such as layering, splits, delamination and bendy nails that break easily. 

Please note once you have left the salon your nails are your responsibility.

(To redo a single nail will incur a £5 charge.)


Don't use your nails to pick at stickers.

When using selotape use a tape dispenser.

Use the side of your finger to open ring pull cans, not the free edge of your nail!

When typing please be mindful of your nails, if you can hear them repeatedly tapping on the keys this will weaken the coating and potentially cause it to chip. Adjust how you type so your nails aren't touching the keys only the pads of your fingers are.


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Aftercare Advice: Welcome
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