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Hi, I'm Amy. I originally qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 2004, since then I've found my true passion is giving people beautiful nails. Whether its an elegant french polish for a wedding, a glam glittery look for a big night out or an every day beautiful pastel or nude shade you crave I am very happy to help. I only work with industry leading CND products and am proud to be further trained by CND ambassadors. I pride myself on making sure each and every client thoroughly enjoys their treatment, leaves feeling great and already looking forward to their next appointment. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements or to book in.

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All manicures start with cuticle work. Using a cuticle remover I push back and remove the dead cuticles from the nail plates to ensure excellent adhesion of the polish and a tidy finish. I then cut, file and shape the nails to suit your individual hands and style preference. A base coat is then applied to the nails followed by your desired colour choice and top coat. If necessary your polish will be cured using the latest technology of the CND LED lamp which provides no UV exposure and 'dries' the polish instantly. The manicure is then finished off with the application of 'Solar Oil' to soften the skin, hydrate the nails and prolong the manicure.




Pedicures all start with essential cuticle maintenance. I work by pushing back and removing the dead skin from the nail plates. The nails will then be trimmed if necessary and shaped with a file. Your base, colour and top coats will then be applied in a colour of your choosing to compliment your skin tones and personal choice and cured in the CND LED lamp if necessary. This is done prior to getting the feet wet as the nail plates are porous and expand in water often resulting in a polish application that doesn't last. Once your polish application is complete your feet will soak in a bath of warm bubbly water and I'll remove any dead skin and soften the soles of your feet with a hard skin file. Your pedicure will then be completed with a relaxing foot massage using a CND silky moisturising lotion to leave your skin feeling fresh and smelling beautiful. This is finally followed by a dab of 'Solar Oil' to prolong the life of your pedicure polish.

I only work with professional industry leading products. CND has been evolving since 1979 and are a multi award winning brand recognised around the world. The products are designed to work as a complete system and as such I never mix brands or cut corners by using imitation or cheaper brands. I have a large choice of colours which are high quality, highly pigmented and ideal for creating stunning nail art designs. They can even be layered if you so wish to create a unique, custom colour just for you..


Pink Nail Polish
cuticle care

Cuticle Care

A great manicure or pedicure starts with great prep. Don't underestimate how important cuticle care is, from how fresh and healthy your nails look, to how well your polish goes on. Every manicure and pedicure should be complimented with regular use of 'Solar Oil' which will help to keep your natural nails flexible and your cuticles looking at their best even long after your polish is removed.

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